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The demand for a "green" investment portfolio has been rising steadily over the last few years. Investors understand that businesses that prioritize their Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance (ESG) standards are those that will perform better in the long run. We help portfolio managers assess how well a company performs on ESG criteria and help businesses getter better ESG scores.


The challenge for portfolio managers and investment firms is to get a clear picture of a company's ESG performance. Data is limited to a handful of indicators such as ESG scores or to publicly available information. TerraHumana Solutions works to lend their expertise to assess a company's ESG performance via in-depth research with the targeted company.

TerraHumana Solutions can assist with:

  • Conduct in-depth assessments of the ESG performance through research and one-on-one interviews with the company of interest.

  • Work directly with companies to find solutions to increase their ESG performance.​

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