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Stakeholder engagement in project development and implementation will ensure project viability. This is particularly true for local communities that will be affected (positively or negatively) by development either through environmental or social impacts. TerraHumana Solutions works to lend their expertise to community capacity building.


Selected Projects:

1. Mohawk Council of Kanesatake Environmental Contaminants and Health Impact Study (2019-2022). Read more

2. Mohawk community of Kanesatake, Quebec (2018). In 2018, we lead a community engagement study funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada to understand the community's opinions on the status of the Ottawa River Watershed. The results of the study, and ones of other studies led across the watershed, will be incorporated into a management plan available here.

3. Raglan Mine. In 2016-2017, we acted as technical and scientific advisors to the communities of Salluit and Kagiqsujuaq in Nunavik, Quebec for the Raglan Mine (Glencore group) mine extension project. We worked through Makivik Corporation and with the communities to put their voices and concerns into proposed mitigation measures.

4. Emerging Pandemic Threat, PREDICT program. From 2010-2013, we provided support to park rangers in Uganda in data acquisition with simple smartphone technology, putting in place a system to detect zoonotic diseases (those that move between animals and people). Follow this link and this link for media coverage of the project.

We see the potential for many such interventions in devoted communities around the world and in Canada, where scientific support and the passionate energy of community intervention initiatives combine their strengths.

TerraHumana Solutions can assist with:

  • Development (including grant-writing), coordination and implementation of scientific projects

  • Community engagement projects

  • Evaluation of environmental and social impact assessment studies for the community perspective

  • Data collection solutions

  • Educational and formation workshops for capacity building

And many more tasks necessary to your community initiative’s success.

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