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responsibility planning

With over 20 years of experience in scientific research, our deep understanding of social and natural systems, and direct experience with sustainability initiatives, we  help you develop a tailored strategic plan for your corporate environmental responsibility strategy.

(photo source: B. Willard 2009. The sustainability champion's guidebook. P. 9)


Having a strong environmental and social corporate policy is not just the wise choice for an organization’s efficiency, it is a necessity for the 21st century. Moreover, ample evidence shows that being more environmentally engaged and transparent can actually performance.

We work with businesses to create both short and long-term plans for a viable and tailored corporate sustainability strategy that,

  1. remains founded in your organization's existing business strategy,

  2. is implementable,

  3. ensures a greater return on investment (ROI), and

  4. increases stakeholder satisfaction and / or engagement.


We offer 3 levels of support:

  1. 360 Sustainability Insights. We take a day to perform a basic and ready-to-use assessment.

  2. Strategic plan. We conduct a baseline assessment (level 1 above) and then help you identify the main issues and priorities on which to focus.

  3. Full support plan. We provide a strategic plan (level 2 above) and design specific projects that will target the priorities selected. For example, we determined that reducing GHG by 30% in 5 years is the best strategy for your business, we will then design projects that will ensure that you reach these goals.

Should You Update Your Corporate Social Responsibility Policy? 


If your business has not recently reconsidered your:

  • Indigenous affairs involvement

  • Energy efficiency

  • Supply chain management

  • Impact mitigation and management

  • Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)

  • Waste management

  • Water management

You may need help to plan a strategic and viable CER.

Why TerraHumana Solutions?

TerraHumana Solutions has a wealth of experience in corporate social responsibility, as

well as environmental operations, environmental impact assessment, project development,

conservation, and other specializations central to sustainable development practices. Our multi-disciplinary approach to corporate problem-solving guarantees our clients a well-balanced expert perspective on all aspects of corporate social responsibility planning. We at TerraHumana Solutions pride ourselves on our commitment to strengthening the relationship between development and conservation, using scientifically-backed and business-minded approaches to ecological and social issues.

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