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Collectively, Our team has given talks at over 100 international and national conferences over our career -span; We also recently held 3-day workshops as part of  the infectious disease project we co-created and headed in Uganda. We are effective and skilled communicators on many scientific, environmental and sustainability topics.

Have you worked with sustainable development consultants like TerraHumana Solutions before? Did you wish there was a way to have the valuable perspectives of conservation, sustainable development, and social impact represented in the day-to-day operations of your organization?

TerraHumana Solutions offers a workshop program, to bring these important ideas into your workplace in an enduring way.

Topics explored include:

  • Global issues on the environment

  • Your organization's role in creating important change

  • The social and environmental dimensions of sustainability

  • The mitigation of impacts related to waste management, greenhouse gases, energy efficiency,

  • Other matters specific to your organization.

Why TerraHumana Solutions?

We believe that education and the introduction of new ideas is central to creating lasting change. TerraHumana Solutions has a wealth of experience in diverse fields such as environmental operations, independent environmental impact study assessments, project development, conservation, Indigenous relations, water resource management, and other specializations central to sustainable development practices. We greatly enjoy sharing our wealth of experiences and educational perspectives, and each workshop can be tailored to your organization’s needs. Above all, we pride ourselves on our commitment to strengthening the relationship between development and conservation, using scientifically-backed and business-minded approaches to ecological issues. Companies and organizations that want to be part of the movement for positive change and responsible business practices are incredibly important to preserving ecological, biological, and social diversity of our ecosystems.

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