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A Collaborative Agreement With The Legacy Fund for the Environment.

TerraHumana Solutions is extremely pleased to announce an official collaborative launch with The Legacy Fund for the Environment. This non-profit organization is currently under the direction of Campbell Stuart, a former mayor of Montreal West and a partner in Colby Monet law firm, and their office is located in downtown Montreal. They provide resources and legal services to help citizens protect natural spaces.

“After working together on a couple of projects, it was clear that TerraHumana Solutions and The Legacy Fund for the Environment shared a solid common ground,” stated Dr Isabelle Bisson. Their approach in helping grassroots movements to conserve and protect natural habitats used different disciplines to reach their goals, but their mission was the same. The Legacy Fund for the Environment has the funding and legal expertise, while TerraHumana Solutions provides technical and ecological knowledge. Both organizations have been in negotiations during the past year, and an agreement is now in place - “This collaborative agreement with The Legacy Fund for the Environment is a big win for the citizens who are spearheading grassroots conservation projects across Quebec and Canada. Together, we will be able to provide the support and resources that grassroots conservationists need,” says Dr Isabelle Bisson.

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