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TerraHumana Solutions 2021 in Review

This month, we are making an overview of our past year's accomplishments. From conducting environmental assessments to ecological evaluations, our team at TerraHumana Solutions has been working hard to help protect green and natural spaces, facilitate conservation projects, and provide sustainable and ecological solutions to Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities, organizations, and companies.

We want to highlight our collaborative work of 2021 with:

Ratishontsanonhstats Kanesatake Environment

TerraHumana Solutions continued to work with Ratishontsanonhstats Kanesatake Environment on the first community-led Environmental Contaminants and Health Impact (ECHIP) Study in Kanesatake. Our work has entered the second phase (2020-2022; Phase I was in 2019-2020) in collaboration with Dr. Niladri Basu of McGill University’s Centre for Indigenous Peoples’ Nutrition and Environment (CINE). This collaborative research is funded by the First Nations Environmental Contaminants Program (FNECP) (Indigenous Affairs Canada, Government of Canada). The FNECP started in 2000, providing funding to support First Nations communities in addressing their concerns about environmental pollutants on their territories. In the community of Kanesatake, we sampled just under 100 sites and initiated a Human Health Risk Assessment with a few community members continuing this community-led journey.

ECO Canada and Menv Internship Program - Concordia University

During the summer of 2021, TerraHumana Solutions' latest incubator of talents hosted two interns. With ECO Canada, Marian MacNair (one of TerraHumana Solutions' research assistants) headed the study during the spring and summer and oversaw the ecological evaluation of a natural area in Hudson, Quebec. Hudson recently announced a three-month development freeze - the town is considering several science-based reports and is planning to incorporate them into a suitable conservation plan.

With the Menv Internship program at Concordia University, Nikita Bhat (our second intern) looked at the history of environmental contamination in Indigenous communities with a case study in Kanesatake to feed into the issue we have been working on for the ECHIP study. The goal of this report consisted of two parts: one was to provide an empirical account of the environmental transgressions on this Mohawk territory, and the second was to collect the wealth of knowledge from community members who have been observing the long-drawn-out effects of contamination for decades.

REgarde Citoyen!

A group of concerned residents, REgarde Citoyen!, wanted to protect one of the least-wooded areas of Saint-Joseph-du-Lac. A developer hired a consulting firm to submit a technical report in order to renew a certificate of authorization from the Quebec Ministry of the Environment. REgarde Citoyen! gave TerraHumana Solutions a mandate to conduct an independent summary evaluation of the last forest in this area. The report submitted by the developer was incomplete, and recommendations were made for more studies. We look forward to working with REgarde Citoyen! again in the future.

Legacy Fund for the Environment

After some completed projects with The Legacy Fund for the Environment, it was clear that much common ground was shared. As a result, a collaborative agreement was forged between TerraHumana Solutions and The Legacy Fund for the Environment. It was a big win for citizens directing grassroots conservation projects across Quebec and Canada, and in this partnership, we have been able to give support and provide resources to grassroots conservationists.

Assisting Industry with Waste Management

Even though we cannot publicly disclose the names of our waste management clients, the benefits we provide are producing a positive impact. Effective waste management conserves resources, mitigates the impact of climate change, and reduces plastics. We pride ourselves in helping companies contribute to a circular and sustainable economy.

Sierra Club Canada Foundation and ECHO Foundation

We are delighted to be producing a bird conservation guidebook to help Quebec municipalities. This project was made possible with financial funding from the ECHO foundation ( because of the collaborative efforts between the Quebec Chapter of the Sierra Club Canada Foundation ( and TerraHumana Solutions. The municipality of Terrebonne has decided to pilot this project. This guidebook will provide different mitigation methods and an educational workshop, and TerraHumana Solutions will have a supervisory role.

We want to thank all our collaborators: Ratishontsanonhstats Kanesatake Environment and the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake, our industry partner ECO Canada, Concordia University, McGill University, Nature Hudson, the Legacy Fund for the Environment, ECHO Foundation, Sierra Club Quebec and Sierra Club Canada Foundation, and REgarde Citoyen!, for their trust in us. Working with these organizations has been rewarding and challenging - the best combination for learning and growing for all. As 2022 progresses, we will share more details as our projects continue to move forward.

About TerraHumana Solutions

TerraHumana Solutions is a consulting firm, which specializes in helping community and business leaders to find sustainable solutions to environmental and social issues. Our approach is simple - we listen. Bringing 20 years of international experience in natural resource sciences, strategy, project conception, and management, we can find the right strategic approach for you. At TerraHumana Solutions, we contribute to informed decision-making on community and business engagement projects, and conservation projects with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

For more information, please contact:

Isabelle-Anne Bisson, PhD.


TerraHumana Solutions

+1 514 654-7835

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