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TerraHumana Solutions Completes Executive Summary - An ecological assessment in Hudson, Quebec

Terrahumana Solutions is proud to announce the completion of their Executive Summary prepared for Nature Hudson. In the spring of 2021, TerraHumana Solutions received a mandate from Nature Hudson and the Legacy Fund for the Environment to conduct an ecological evaluation of a 10.35 ha forested wetland situated on the shores of the Ottawa River in Hudson, Quebec.

The objectives of this independent study were to inventory the flora and fauna, identify the presence of species at risk, demarcate the wetlands, and provide recommendations on the reported findings. Earlier studies had identified this natural space as important for conservation. A total of twenty-six field surveys were conducted throughout the spring and summer (from the beginning of April 2021 to the end of July 2021) to assess the populations of flora and fauna including insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and bats.

During this study, 343 species of flora and fauna were identified, including 29 species at risk[1] - among the species at risk were three insect species, four bat species, six bird species, three turtle species, and 13 plant species. According to Dr. Isabelle-Anne Bisson, this inventory is far from complete, as many phyla have either not been surveyed or only briefly. "Forested wetlands along the Ottawa river have been and still are vanishing due to development. We must work together to preserve these biodiverse and important natural spaces,” says Dr. Isabelle-Anne Bisson.

About TerraHumana Solutions

TerraHumana Solutions is a consulting firm, which specializes in helping community and business leaders to find sustainable solutions to environmental and social issues. Our approach is simple - we listen. Bringing 20 years of international experience in natural resource sciences, strategy, project conception, and management, we can find the right strategic approach for you. At TerraHumana Solutions, we contribute to informed decision-making on community and business engagement projects, and conservation projects with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

For more information, please contact:

Isabelle-Anne Bisson, Ph.D.


TerraHumana Solutions

+1 514 654-7835

[1] Species at risk includes those listed un the Federal Species at Risk Act (SARA) designated as "endangered", "threatened", or of "special concern", and those assessed under the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). The province of Québec consigns species in four levels : "menace", "vulnérable", "susceptible d'être désignée menacée ou vulnérable", or "espèces floristiques vulnérables à la récolte."

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