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TerraHumana Solutions Completing Phase II of the Environmental Contaminants and Health Impact

PROJECT (ECHIP) in Kanesatake.

TerraHumana Solutions is pleased to be completing Phase II of the Environmental Contaminants and Health Impact Project (ECHIP) in the Kanien'kéha:ka community of Kanesatake, situated about 48 kilometres west of Montreal. This second phase focuses on interviewing participants for a Human Health Risk Assessment to understand the potential health impacts of environmental contaminants that may be present on the territory. Valerie Gabriel, one of our local consultants and strategic partners, is learning the lab techniques necessary for testing the environmental samples collected in 2021 with our academic partner, Dr. Niladri Basu, at McGill University's Center for Indigenous Peoples' Nutrition and Environment. As TerraHumana Solutions continues to work with Ratishontsanonhstats Kanesatake Environment on this first nation community-led project, "we are finding that Kanesatake is a unique community in many ways compared to other First Nations communities across Canada," says Dr. Isabelle Bisson

This project began when Dr. Isabelle Bisson met the environmental director, Eugene Nicholas, along with Mary Nicholas, the Assistant Researcher, and Gabrielle Lamouche, the communications officer of the Ratishontsanonhstats Kanesatake Environment, through her volunteer work with Sierra Club Quebec. Shortly after meeting, they applied to a Health Canada grant that was turned down but then partnered with Dr. Nildari Basu on a application to the First Nations Environmental Contamination Program in 2018 (First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Government of Canada), which was successful. Since then, a second and third leg of funding has been received; Phase III of ECHIP starts in the fall and will continue until spring 2023. "Participants of the Kanesatake community are forthcoming and have been inspiring to interview," says Dr. Bisson. Tess Lalonde and Katie Chong, researchers on this community-led project, are a solid and cohesive part of the research team. "It's been amazing to get to know more community members in Kanesatake and learn about the territory and their unique agricultural practices based on nature-based solutions”, says Dr. Isabelle Bisson.

About TerraHumana Solutions

TerraHumana Solutions is a consulting firm, which specializes in helping community and business leaders to find sustainable solutions to environmental and social issues. Our approach is simple - we listen. Bringing 20 years of international experience in natural resource sciences, strategy, project conception, and management, we can find the right strategic approach for you. At TerraHumana Solutions, we contribute to informed decision-making on community and business engagement projects, and conservation projects with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

For more information, please contact:

Isabelle-Anne Bisson, PhD.


TerraHumana Solutions

+1 514 654-7835

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