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s e r v i c e s | Helping You Achieve Sustainability

Sustainability strategies are essential business strategies. A carefully planned corporate environmental responsibility  strategy will ensure that your business will remain competitive and profitable for years to come. We help you develop a strategy that is in line with your business and your stakeholder priorities. Photo source: Willard, B. 2009. The Sustainability Champion's Guidebook. P. 9

TerraHumana Solutions offers a workshop program, to bring these important ideas into your workplace in an enduring way.

Topics explored include:

●Global issues

●Your organization's role in        creating important change

●The social, economic, and environmental dimensions of sustainability

●The mitigation of impacts related to waste management, greenhouse gases, energy efficiency,

●Other matters specific to your company.

Local communities are key stakeholders in any development project because they will live with the positive and negative impacts for generations. We offer scientific and technical support to communities that are facing local development that could impact their environment and natural resources.

Third party evaluations are a vital stage in the implementation

of an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). A qualified and independent  perspective adds vital information, and may save your organization valuable time and resources. Should there be any recommended changes to the ESIA, realizing these issues too far into the planning phase, or even in the early production or construction phases could be costly and time-consuming.

Investors are taking a closer look at a company's commitment to Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance (ESG) practices to make better investment decisions. Through our in-depth environmental expertise and with our partners, we help investors and portfolio managers assess the overall environmental and social commitments of an organization via in-depth research and direct engagement with the businesses.

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