What It Means to Have a Green Company

November 27, 2017





                                    In 2011 Ghislain Perreault, Director of productions at Promoflex International embarked on a journey that he never thought would bring him fame and some fortune. Yes, fortune. Adopting green alternatives for your company not only means you will look good but it also means you will save money. Today,  only 5 years later, Promoflex International has been the winner of numerous environmental awards; He has also been asked to give talks, and we at TerraHumana Solutions asked him to be our main ambassador.


          How did it all start? 5 years ago, Ghislain did not believe that going “green” was going to be a win-win situation; he was introduced to the organization Enviro-Club whose goal was to guide 10 companies on one environmental project of their choice; the project had to answer 2 criteria: reduce your carbon footprint and the ROI had to be within 2 years.


          The 9 other companies decided to put all of their efforts on one single environmental concern; such as  energy efficiency, waste management or water consumption. Ghislain was not satisfied with taking on only one problem if he was going make changes he was going to change everything! He rounded up three people from his company of 50 employees and asked them to find ways Promoflex International, Inc could become a pioneer in environmental & social initiatives.


          Ghislain’s goal was to reduce Promoflex International’s footprint with regards to air, water and soil contamination. He quickly accomplished his goal by installing a water chiller that recycled the water used in manufacturing while also redistributing the heat emitted to heat the plant in the winter. He also changed all of the light bulbs in the plant to energy efficient bulbs which quickly started to have positive impacts on their finical statements.


          Now that the company was operating more efficiently Ghislain decided to take on social initiatives, which was above and beyond the demands that Enviro-Club challenged Promoflex some 5 years ago. He took on the city of Montreal to build a small green space next to the building to provide an area for his employees, while also reducing the “heat island” created by the building's parking lot. He quickly discovered the bureaucratic challenges of Montreal city hall; nothing seems to get in the way of Ghislain Perreault and he quickly overcame the setbacks. Not stopping there he integrated a gym and lounge/game room where his employees can recharge and disconnect. Providing such areas for his employees has already paid off as the rate of productivity quickly improved. 


          Ghislain’s constant pursuit of thinking outside of the box about how he can improve Promoflex International, Inc's environmental & social impact, he has started to examine the benefits of a 4 day work week. He stated that a shorter work week can dramatically improve employee moral while also improving the environment by reducing operating cost and reducing the time employee spend traveling to and from work.


          Ghislain Perreault Quickly realized the impact that small changes could have on the environment and his employees. He learned that it is not hard or expensive to make a difference and the trend of industrial ecology will quickly become the norm. He is quoted saying he “didn't know what he didn't know.” we at TerraHuamana Solutions believe that this statement holds true for nearly everyone who is interested in making a difference. It is our responsibility to educate and break down barriers of misconception and demonstrate the successful stories such as Promoflex International, Inc.

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