Emma Gillies

Intern (2019) & Research Assistant

Ms. Gillies is an intern at TerraHumana Solutions for the summer of 2019 under a United Nations Association of Canada Green Spaces Program. She is an undergraduate studying environmental biology and geography at McGill University. Over the past three years, she has acted as President of the McGill Wildlife & Environment Association, assisted with research at McGill and abroad, and worked as a wildlife rehabilitation intern in Virginia. As an ecological research intern at the Kenauk Institute, she led a project on microplastic pollution and gained fieldwork experience in hydrology, fish ecology, entomology, and soil science. She is passionate about environmental policy and represented Sierra Club Quebec at the 2018 UN Convention on Biological Diversity. With knowledge in areas such as GIS, bio-environmental engineering, and ecosystem management, she hopes to advise and implement solutions to create a more sustainable society.
Her internship project pertains to a wetland assessment study in Hudson, Québec and on a First Nations Environmental Contaminants Program funded project in the Mohawk community of Kanesatake.

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