We help you achieve your goals in sustainability


We, at TerraHumana Solutions, help leaders in communities and businesses reduce their environmental footprint, increase social engagement and sustainability so they can demonstrate leadership, reduce costs, minimize risks, and answer to stakeholder demands.


Our approach is simple: we are here to listen. We bring 20 years of international experience in natural resource sciences, strategy and project conception, and management to finding the right strategic approach for you.

Field team 2019 Kanesatake Contaminants
Raglan Mine, Nunavik, Quebec
Rousseau Forest (Pincourt, Montreal) com
Kanesatake Community Engagement

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We are equipped to assist you at any stage on your path to sustainability, and to help you discover the environmentally and socially responsible solutions best suited to your unique structure and operations. TerraHumana Solutions has a wealth of options and solutions for your varied community and business needs.


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