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evaluation of environment & social impact assesment

With over 15 years of experience in scientific research, our deep understanding of social and natural systems, and direct experience with environmental and social impact assessment studies, we provide independent third-party evaluations.

ESIA Evaluation

We provide third-party reviews and evaluations of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) studies.


Third party studies are a vital stage in the development of an ESIA. An ESIA is the process of forecasting and measuring the effects of a program, project, or new development on the environment and local communities. TerraHumana Solutions provides strong expertise in consulting with Aboriginal parties, and recommending alternatives and mitigation measures.


Why TerraHumana Solutions?

The TerraHumana Solutions team has decades of combined experience in scientific research. Our deep understanding of natural and human systems comes from our wealth of knowledge in the related practices of environmental operations, project development, conservation, work with Indigenous communities, and other specializations central to sustainable development practices. Our unique and well-rounded perspective assures our clients a well-rounded approach to the biological, ecological, and ethical aspects of development. Throughout our years of professional experience, we have had the distinction of working and researching with the Smithsonian Institution, USAID, and with the Glencore Group and Indigenous communities via the Makivik Corporation on the Raglan Mine of Northern Quebec.

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